Lost and found again

Today’s biggest heists might not look like the movies. I’m better organized and more sophisticated. And there’s more at stake than ever before: data, intellectual property, and financial gain. Before you can stop me, it’ll take you days to even notice I’m there—146 days, 1 on average.
State-of-the-art security that powers real-time threat detection, response, and remediation. Security professionals today face serious challenges in their effort to protect company and employee data across existing networks, cloud apps, and mobile devices.
What if you could instantly access data from manufacturing facilities anywhere in the world and make mission-critical decisions more intelligently than ever before? Digital technologies are transforming manufacturing. While you may not know exactly where you want to end up or what digitization means for your organization, it’s important to identify the kinds of business objectives that digitization can support.
What used to be a manual, time-intensive procedure can now be dynamic, rapid, and automated. Now, assets located nearly anywhere can be monitored from afar. With live data from smart sensors and devices, organizations get better visibility into operational status, and can quickly, automatically respond to current conditions.